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I only offer virtual consultation services at this time. Details here:

Virtual Consultations

I receive so many requests for help by email that I just don’t have time to answer them all on a pro-bono basis. Yes, I’ll give a quick answer to a few questions, but when it comes to more than a couple of sentences, or followup questions, I ask to be compensated for my time. Here’s how it works: If I know a job will take an hour or more of my time, I’ll suggest billing after all answers are given and illustrations or notes sent by email. I charge $200. per hour and only take on a limited number of clients.



Coaching for Speakers and Salespeople ~ Selling the Excitement About Plants and Gardening

Just delivering the information is no longer enough. Coaching done in person, on Zoom or by phone.

You might be an authority on your topic but aren’t as effective as you want to be in conveying what you know to a live audience. Or perhaps your presentations are well practiced but lack the sparkle that makes information engaging and memorable.

Whether you are an expert in your field, a writer, or business professional, if you are called upon to “sell the excitement” in front of an audience, I can help you to craft a more dynamic presentation.

I have a particular interest in working with those in the horticultural industry (landscapers, garden writers, growers, garden centers, and other plant promoters) as well as fellow garden geeks. But whether you’re promoting plants, pixels, or picnics, I can assist you to be vibrant, humorous, and more engaging.

Coaching can be done in person, by phone, or on Zoom. Most people send me their visuals (Power Point or Keynote) and notes for those slides, and I review these and make notes, then we talk over the phone to go over that material. Some people come to Cape Cod so we can work one-on-one for a half day. I’m also happy to work with groups large or small. Contact me by phone or email to discuss how I can help you or your employees give dynamic talks that connect with the audience.

Endorsements From A Recent Speaking Skills Workshop

C. L. shared her speaking expertise in February 2013 with aspiring and experienced Garden Writers Association members in a full day workshop. C. L. delivers valuable information in a relaxed, confidant style with humor and personal anecdotes. Her tips were invaluable in helping me polish my delivery, such that my most recent audience wants me for a return engagement. Wow!
Louise Clarke

I felt that C.L. was speaking directly to me during her seminar because she took the time to find out what we each wanted to glean from her presentation before we stepped foot in the door. She was a delightful speaker filled with professionalism and knowledge. She had an upbeat, humorous manner of delivering her presentation and was able to answer audience questions about their own speaking insecurities with straightforward helpful answers. I left the seminar feeling empowered and I can’t wait to attend another one of her programs. Sandi Crabtree, Crabtree Gardens, LLC

C.L. is awesome!!! I froze in front of the group after volunteering to do my speech opening. She helped me along-with her thoughtful humor, encouragement, enthusiasm! I’ve re-crafted my worm farming speech to be more fun… Yes, Red wigglers ARE the answer! Charlotte Kid, Gardening Writer and Speaker

Anonymous comments from evaluation forms:

Thought C.L.’s workshop was excellent. I didn’t know what to expect and it far surpassed anything I imagined it could be. I am reconsidering my relationship with public speaking after doing it for 30 years. I should make some significant improvements or stop. This workshop is helping me to decide to move boldly forward and make dramatic changes!

This workshop was exactly what I had hoped for. I learned so many great new ideas for better speaking with specific ideas and skills tips.

Full of meaty information. Clear nuts and bolts. Useable.

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