I Love Bromeliads

Nov 24, 2023 | Love This!

Name:   Bromeliads 

Type of Plant:   Members of the Bromeliaceae family –  a large group of plants mainly native to the tropical Americas.

Why I Love This Plant: This group of plants are lovely, low-maintenance plants for indoor color and a tropical feel in northern climates.

Many of these plants have colorful foliage as well as amazing flowers. These plants are bold in texture, so they contrast well with other indoor plants.    

A Word to the Wise: Most bromeliads flower only once, so if you buy one that’s in bloom or about to bloom, know that this “mother plant” won’t flower again. But they usually produce side plants, aka “pups,” that can be separated from the mother plant and grown on to flower in the future.

The wonderful thing about the group of bromeliads is that there is an amazing variety of foliage and flower colors.

You will read that the best way to water bromeliads is to fill their inner cavities with water. Here you see an example of that, as the flowers on this plant form and emerge.

This is a bromeliad with variegated foliage. Two for one! Foliage and flower color.

Bromeliads aren’t shy when it comes to flower color.


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