I Love Cymbopogon citratus aka Lemon Grass

May 17, 2024 | Gardens, Love This!

Name:  Cymbopogon citratus aka Lemon Grass

Type of Plant:   A tropical plant native to Southeast Asia. A culinary herb that’s easy to grow as an annual in colder climates.

Why I Love this Plant: This herb is pretty grass, in a garden or in a pot. If you are interested in Thai cooking, it’s an essential plant to grow. I love how this plant looks as well as the flavor it can add to Thai dishes.

A Word to the Wise:  Know that this species of Cymbopogom does not repel mosquitos. Another species, Cymbopogom nardus is the source of the oil that makes citronella that is added to candles that keep mosquitos at bay.

When you want to add the flavor of this grass to broth or other sauces, cut some stems and make them into a bundle to toss into your liquids.

When you see lemon grass plants in the garden center in May, don’t hesitate to get a small one! They will grow very quickly once you put them in a pot or in the garden.

Plant lemon grass in full sun or part sun. It will be fine in with other herbs, or in a container.

This is my plant that I’ve put in a pot in mid-May. It will be much larger by mid-summer!


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