I Love Cyperus prolifer aka Queen Tut Papyrus

May 13, 2023 | Love This!

Name: Cyperus prolifer aka Queen Tut Papyrus

Type of Plant:   A native plant in Madagascar, this short growing papyrus is a good annual plant in northern climates, although perennial in zones 9 – 11.

Why I Love This Plant: I love the upright growth, bright green color and interesting texture that this plant gives to container combinations in northern areas. Put this in the center of pots and urns, and combine it with flowering annuals. Yes, Papyrus likes moist conditions, but Queen Tut will do well in containers that are regularly watered but not kept too wet.

A Word to the Wise: I love this plant when it’s combined with annuals with purple and pink flowers.

I was introduced to this plant in the Proven Winners booth at the Cultivate trade show in Ohio.

I love the texture and bright green color that this papyrus adds to a mixed container.

This color is especially effective with pink and purple flowers.


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