I Love Pearly Everlasting aka Anaphalis margaritacea  

Aug 25, 2023 | Love This!

Name:   Pearly Everlasting aka Anaphalis margaritacea  

Type of Plant:  A perennial native to north America with silvery foliage and long-lasting white flowers. This plant spreads stoloniferously, and does best in well-drained or even rocky soils. Thrives in full to part sun.

Why I Love This Plant:  I love that this native plant is rugged, with a loose growth habit. I appreciate that this is an important plant for the larvae of the American Lady butterfly, and I like how the flowers preserve well and look good with herbs and strawflowers in small, dried bouquets.

A Word to the Wise:  If you see the foliage being eaten early in the summer, rejoice! You’re undoubtedly seeing the caterpillars of the American Lady butterfly at work, so just leave the plant alone…they are only feeding in the spring, and the plant will recover later in the summer.

This is a plant that leans and tumbles…so not for those who want their perennials to be upright, or not touching other plants. It is, however, perfect for those who want a wildflower meadow garden.

The pearly everlasting tumbles down a slope in this garden.

I planted some of these Anaphalis this past spring. They’ve done well in this well-drained, rocky soil near stone walls. I’m going to add more so that this plant fills the area near these Flower Carpet Roses.

The flowers are great for bouquets as well.



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