I Love Pentas Lanceolata aka Star Flower

Dec 31, 2022 | Love This!

Name:  Pentas lanceolata aka star flower

Type of Plant:  Perennial in Zone 10 to 11 but an annual in most of the USA. Grows best in full sun.

Why I Love This Plant: I love this annual because it attracts bees and butterflies, and the bright-colored flowers continue all summer. I appreciate how well it works with other annuals in mixed containers or beds. And I like how easy it is.

A Word to the Wise: You don’t have to deadhead this annual, but in close-up situations such as containers, it does improve the look of the plant.   

Pentas mixes well with other annuals, in gardens or in containers.

This variety, Stars and Stripes, has variegated foliage and bright red flowers.

Pentas comes in shades of pink, lavender, red and white.

This plant was growing in part shade, so the flowers were a bit looser – still pretty and colorful. The shape of the flowers give this pretty plant its common name.


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