I Love Prunus maritima aka Beach Plum

May 10, 2024 | Love This!

Name:   Prunus maritima aka beach plum

Type of Plant:   A native North American shrub that flowers in the spring. Hardy to zones 4-9

Why I Love this Plant:  Beach plums grow well in sandy, acidic soils and they thrive in the northeastern climate. They are a suckering plant, meaning they will spread to the sides, so perfect for stabilizing sunny slopes. In drier, sandier soils the plants usually top out at around five feet tall, but in better soils they can grow taller.

A Word to the Wise:   If you want to harvest the fruit, plant three or more plants for good cross-pollination. These are shrubs that are best left to grow their natural size and shape…in other words, don’t shear them or otherwise try to alter their wind-blown appearance.

Beach plum shrubs are airy when in bloom. They tolerate off-ocean (or lake) wind, and will grow in pure sand.

Plant three or more shrubs if you want to be able to harvest the fruit to make syrup or jelly.

Beach plum plants have long stems which stick straight up on new plants, but as the plants age they often take on a more quirky character, especially when growing in windy areas.



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