I Love The Buckskin Pumpkin From Ball Seed

Nov 10, 2023 | Gardens

Type of Plant:  A medium size, eating pumpkin that was bred for a sweet, deep orange flesh.

Why I Love This Plant: I was pleased when the good people at Ball Seed sent me this pumpkin plant to try. We planted it in a sunny garden where we were also growing butternut squash. It grew along on its own, with no particular care for us other than watering once a week if it hadn’t rained.

I love the fact that the pumpkins are large but not huge. I cut one in half and baked one piece, scooping out the cooked flesh and freezing it for use later. The other half I used in an African Pumpkin Stew.

A Word to the Wise: Grow this and most other pumpkins in the ground, not a container. They take up a good deal of space, so place accordingly.

This pumpkin will be available in 2024 from Burpee Seeds.

The inside of the Buckskin pumpkin was beautiful! I roasted half of it and froze the cooked flesh. We love pumpkin for many savory dishes, not just pie.

Buckskin pumpkins are taller and thinner than most Halloween carving pumpkins.

This is the African pumpkin stew before the greens were added. I used chopped chard and arugula and it was delicious served with rice.


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