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The Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival happens every July over a ten day period. It is a festival of open gardens, and is a celebration of our lovely landscapes here on Cape Cod, whether they have lots of hydrangeas or not. See many types of gardens from Woods Hole up to Provincetown, most for only $5.00 per garden per person. All proceeds go to local non-profits. There are also educational events and other assorted fun such as the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival Cocktail Trail… 

Amy Stewart is pretty amazing. She’s written many books about plants that are both informative and fun. Now she’s turned her talents to fiction. You need to get familiar with the Kopp sisters, by the way…but if you haven’t read these books you just don’t know it yet. 

My friend Ellen Zachos is the force behind The Backyard Forager. While I love to cultivate my veggies, she picks hers in the wild. I pull weeds from my garden, she eats them for dinner. She is my partner in crime on our podcast, Plantrama. Check out her website for information and classes on foraging, plus tasty recipes for all your found-in-the-wild ingredients.

If you’ve been to my garden, you know I’m a huge fan of Smart Pots. These non-woven fabric pots are long lasting, light weight, and perfect for growing a wide variety of plants. Need an instant raised bed? Want to grow food on the edge of your driveway? Wondering how to turn just about any funky object into a planter? You need some Smart Pots. 

If you’re looking for rare, unusual or native perennials, click on over to Sunshine Farm and Gardens where you’ll find plants that are hard to find elsewhere. Check out Barry’s Home Garden Sampler – a great way to receive a good selection of plants.

If you love perennials you should check out The Perennial Plant Association. Learn about perennials, network with other plant people and attend one of the best annual garden symposiums going!

Go to this website if you love plants and want to laugh out loud. This spoof offers great fun with plant names and the nursery biz – all masterfully done, I suspect, by Tony Avent of Plant Delights Nursery. When your sides hurt from laughing, visit Tony’s nursery website (the one that is the real deal and worth visiting if you want to order actual plants) which can be found at www.plantdelights.com.

There is such a great selection of products available from Gardener’s Supply Company that it’s hard to know what to feature here. They have a wonderful selection of least-toxic solutions for problems, and wonderful containers, tools, fertilizers and clothing. If you’re in Northern Vermont, be sure to visit, and check here first for any hard-to-find garden products.

GardenComm used to be called The Garden Writers Association – if you write, speak, or take photographs, and your subject is plants or gardening, you should join GardenComm! Networking, education, great garden tours at the annual symposium and some of the nicest people on the planet. Good for garden designers, garden center employees, landscapers, growers, and all other plant geeks who are “selling the excitement” about plants.

If you’re on Cape Cod, you MUST go to Heritage! Something for people of all ages (YOU can look at the gardens while the rest of the family explores the antique car barn, American museum or rides the carousel) and many horticultural programs as well.

Yes, The Black Dog makes yummy cookies, but it’s worth planning a trip to Martha’s Vineyard just to go to Polly Hill Arboretum. Polly Hill started breeding, growing and selecting plants for specific characteristics when she was in her 50’s (an inspiration to us all) and her property is now a “must see” destination on the Vineyard. A relaxed and informal place to enjoy plants!

New Harvest Coffee I’ve ordered my coffee beans from this Rhode Island firm for years. The coffee is fresh and delicious, and it arrives promptly. Find your direct source, fair trade, artisan coffees here.

A great selection of bulbs – summer and spring – including many that are hard to find. Nice people too. I put in at least one order per year and I’m always impressed with the quality of plants and bulbs I receive.

No matter how many plants I grow, when I go to this website I always find something else that I MUST have. Every spring when I receive my order I’m pleased. Avant Gardens is the best response to a snowy, winter day that I know.



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