Making Ice Mobiles

Dec 25, 2022 | Projects/Crafts

When the temperatures are staying below freezing, it’s time to make ice mobiles! All you need are some pieces of your houseplants, some plastic cartons, some ribbon or string, and a bit of patience as they freeze. 

Even one ice mobile looks magical as it dances in the winter wind.

Here’s how to make them.

You need five or more containers of various sizes. Plastic works best but you could use metal cups or pans. (It’s easiest to get them out of plastic.)

Place your cartons outside, spacing them how far apart you wish them to be when they are hung.  Then add an inch or two of cold water, and push some leaves and flowers from your houseplants into the water. 

Next, add either string or thin ribbon, pushing it into the water on top of the leaves and flowers.

Let the water freeze for a few hours. If it snows, as it did on mine, the surface will be bumpy and if no snow, it will be smooth. Don’t worry either way because it will be beautiful.

Once frozen, pop the ice out of the cartons and hang your mobile in a place where the wind can make it dance.

These are beautiful in shade or sunlight but they will last longer in shaded areas.

Place an ice mobile on any hook where you’ve had a hanging basket in the summertime.

Any small flower you have on a houseplant right now will look amazing when frozen in ice. This is one from a geranium.















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