What To Do With Too Many Cherry Tomatoes…including split ones

Aug 8, 2023 | Food

If you grow more than two cherry tomato plants, you undoubtedly will find that there are times when you have more than you can eat. Even if you love them. Even if you pop several in your mouth while you’re in the garden. And if you grow Sungold, you’ll find that they are prone to splitting right after a heavy rain.

Yes, I know that Sun Sugar is a variety of orange cherry tomato that isn’t as prone to splitting…we grew it last year and thought that Sungold leaves it in the dust taste-wise. So this year we’re back with the tasty orange cherry tomato that never disappoints. 

I don’t even care that they split after a rain, because I am going to roast many of them anyway. Roasting these tomatoes is not only a way to quickly use the split ones before they spoil, but it’s how I can add the sweetness of summer to pasta, omelets, soups or vegetable casseroles in the middle of winter.

After you pre-heat the oven to 400° here’s what you do:

After a rain, go right out to your tomato plants and pick all the split ones…and those that are ripe but not split as well.   

Cut the tomatoes in half and lay them cut-side-down on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Cut the split ones on the crack, of course. You don’t have to oil the paper.

Roast them in the 400° oven until they look like this. They will be even sweeter because of the roasting.

Once the roasted tomatoes have cooled, put them in a carton to freeze.  Add them to whatever dish you are cooking in the winter that needs some summer sunshine.


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