Best Hardy Fall Mum…Dendranthema

Oct 21, 2017 | Love This!

Name: Dendranthema – aka Chrysanthemum or even perennial daisy mums. Whatever you call them, they are bone-hardy, dependable plants. Varieties commonly grown include Cambodian Queen (lavender), Sheffield Pink (pink), Autumn Moon (pale yellow) Mary Stoker (yellow to apricot), and Penelope Pease(white), among others.

Type of Plant: These are truly perennial mums. They can be grown as ground cover in sunny gardens, or as a fall bloomer in and among other perennials. Most of these mums are mid-sized and require no special care all summer. But in late-September and October they come into full, glorious flower.

Why I love this plant: What’s not to love about this perennial? Dependable in zones 4-9 or even colder. No pinching, shearing or deadheading required. And in the fall they produce a loose mass of daisy like flowers in a variety of colors. To my mind, these mums are far superior to Nippon daisies.

A Word to the Wise: Full to part sun, organically enriched but well drained soil. Most of these plants spread so give them at least 4 feet in diameter. These are great plants for a slope!

Dendranthema ‘Cambodian Queen’

Dendranthema ‘Autumn Moon’   

Dendranthema ‘Sheffield Pink’


  1. Scott Gura

    They look great in full bloom in the ground but do they survive during a Southern New England harsh winter?

    • CL Fornari

      Yes, these are true perennial “mums.”

  2. judith schmachtenberger

    Lovely I have the pink and yellow center variety and do I love their persistence and ability to get along most any wheres.


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