Frozen Plant Fun

Mar 6, 2019 | Projects/Crafts

The temperatures in my area are supposed to remain below freezing all week, so it’s time to make some ice mobiles 


Here’s how it’s done: 

Gather some metal cups or bowls and fill them with about an inch of water.

Gather some leaves and flower petals and push them into the water. I used foliage and flowers from my houseplants. Some float and others will remain under the water…it doesn’t matter either way.

Take a thin ribbon or twin and push it into the water, leaving the cups spaced out so there is a section of cord in between.

Let the cups remain this way for a few hours until the ice is solidly frozen. Then bring the cups in and either quickly put them under running hot water or use the heat of your hand to warm them enough so that the ice pops out.

The ice takes on great crackle patterns that sparkle in the sun.

If you hang the ice in the sun it will sparkle, but won’t last as long as the heat of the sun might melt the ice.


  1. Leslie McDermott

    Love this idea! sharing with my nature and botanical education friends

    • CL Fornari

      Thanks, Leslie! It’s fun and easy…a good project for kids and adults. I’ve enjoyed watching mine spinning all day!


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