Garden Vegetable Pasta

Sep 21, 2022 | Food

One of the favorite dishes in my house is a pasta made with fresh vegetables from the garden. In this version, The basics of what we call “Summer Linguine” is olive oil, garlic (fresh or roasted), olive oil, chopped herbs, raw tomatoes and whatever else the garden offers up on that particular day.

Put the olive oil in a bowl with the garlic, cubed tomatoes, and the torn or chopped basil. 

I briefly steam the green beans and summer squash, and sauté the peppers. 

I find that Calendula petals are fantastic for making a beautiful presentation without dominating the flavors of the other vegetables. Toss with the cooked linguine and serve with grated Parmesan cheese. Salt and pepper to taste.


Today’s pasta included peppers, garlic, basil, raw tomatoes, tiny summer squash, peppers, and beans.


Tomatoes in the bowl with the garlic, basil and a good quality olive oil. On this particular night I cooked the peppers with one piece of bacon, for a bit more flavor….and because I had a strip in the fridge.


Here is the finished dish ready to serve. The tomatoes in this bowl are Buffalo Sun, one of my favorite large, yellow and red tomato varieties.



  1. Patricia Hansen-Burnham

    I have a questions about the animals that visit our gardens. I was wondering, do you happen to know about how to deter woodpeckers around the house and yard????? Thank you for all the great information you provide. We all appreciate it so much!

    • CL Fornari

      If they are pecking on the sides of your house, I’ve found that large plastic snakes thrown or stuck in the areas help. But in the yard, welcome them. They eat insects! They’re beautiful!


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