Feb 14, 2016 | Gardens

There’s a plant for every holiday, and for Valentine’s Day I’m especially fond of Euonymus americanus. With a common name like hearts-a-bustin’, it’s a natural for the 14th of February. I like how the name can go in several directions. Our hearts can break with sorrow or lost love, and they can burst open with pride, pure adoration, and passion. This native Euonymus is especially attractive in the fall. Why aren’t more people planting this?

One answer is that this shrub is often called “deer candy.” Bambi is said to love it. Knowing this, I planted three plants at the far end of my property, thinking that it might lure the deer away from my flowers and vegetables and down to the area I’ve declared the DMZ at Poison Ivy Acres. Naturally, the deer haven’t touched it.

And BTW, thanks to Wireless Deer Fence, Bambi and tribe stay away from my other gardens.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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