I Love Citrus meyeri aka Meyer Lemon Improved

Dec 15, 2023 | Gardens

Name: Citrus meyeri aka Meyer Lemon Improved

Type of Plant:  A dwarf variety of lemon tree that produces rounder, more seed free fruit that has a distinctly floral fragrance. In warm areas where these can be planted in the ground, the trees can grow to 6 feet or taller. But when grown in a pot and brought inside for the winter, they stay around four feet tall.

Why I Love This Plant:  I love Meyer lemons first for their fragrant flowers that are frequently produced throughout the year. I enjoy how the plants can have flowers and fruit developing all at the same time. And being able to pick a lemon for making Meyer lemon risotto is so satisfying.

A Word to the Wise:  Keep citrus trees consistently moist but not soggy or swampy. Fertilize monthly with Citrus-tone or other product made for citrus plants, and top dress with compost or earthworm castings when you place these plants outside for the summer. Grow these indoors in front of a south-facing, sunny window and keep the plant away from radiators or other heat sources.

When your Meyer lemon is in flower in the house, you will need to “be the bee” in order to make sure the flowers are pollinated. Once the flowers open, move from flower to flower with a Q-tip or soft, small paintbrush. Do this two or three days in a row when the pollen on the stamens looks yellow and fresh. 

Citrus grown inside can be prone to mites and scale. Watch your plant closely so you can treat with a miticide or insecticidal soap should these pests make an appearance.

Meyer lemon trees often have fruit forming at the same time that they’re in bloom.

Keep your Meyer lemon plant in the sunniest window you have for the winter.

When your lemon blooms indoors, you’ll have to hand pollinate those flowers in order to get lemons.

I saw this pot where there was a key lime plant and a Mayer lemon grown together. Kind of a gimmick, but interesting marketing!


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