I Love Laurus nobilis aka Bay Laurel

Dec 8, 2023 | Gardens

Name: Laurus nobilis aka bay laurel

Type of Plant: This evergreen tree, native to the Mediterranean, is most popular for the bay leaves that we use in cooking. Those who live in Zone 8 – 10 can grow this slow-growing tree in their gardens where they can get quite tall and wide. But in cooler climates, we grow bay laurel in pots.  

Why I Love This Plant:  I love this plant for the fragrant leaves that I cook with. But I also love it because it’s easy to grow in a pot, and if you have the space to over-winter it, you can raise a sizeable plant!

I also enjoy using the stems of bay laurel in arrangements and bouquets. They are perfect when used with other evergreens in oasis for indoor or outdoor displays, and I love including them in small give-away-bouquets at any time of the year.

Make a small bunch of bay stems, tie it with a ribbon and fasten that to any gift – a bottle of wine, a plate of something home baked, or any small present – for the holidays or beyond.

A Word to the Wise: If you are over-wintering bay trees indoors, do so in the coolest location that you have. Cool is more important than direct sun, since in a sunny, warmer spot these plants are prone to scale. But in a colder location you won’t have to fight scale and the sticky droppings that this insect brings.

If your bay tree is in a large enough pot, it will grow to 5 feet tall or more.

We over winter our large bay in an unheated garage, in front of an eastern facing window. We water it when the soil feels dry.

The great thing about growing a bay laural tree is clipping off branches to use for bouquets, arrangements, or give-away herbs.



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