I Love Galanthus nivalis aka Snowdrops

Mar 15, 2024 | Love This!

Name:  Galanthus nivalis aka snowdrops

Type of Plant: A bulb that flowers in the late winter and early spring. Common snowdrops are native to Europe.

Why I Love This Plant: What’s not to love? These fresh, white flowers are so welcome among the brown leaves of late-winter. They emerge into the snow, and the flowers open on warmer days to welcome pollinators. They are one of the earliest sources of nectar and pollen for insects including queen bees, beetles, ants and flies.

These bulbs spread both by seeds and new bulblets, and can become a carpet over the years in full sun to part shaded areas.

A Word to the Wise: Plant Galanthus bulbs under shrubs or in between perennials, in areas where you will see them in February and March. Since their foliage disappears in early summer as the plants go dormant, they are the perfect winter and spring flower to grow between hosta and ferns in part-shade gardens, or around perennials in full sun.

Snowdrops spread and naturalize over time.

Some people pick these sweet flowers and put them in a small vase on top of a mirror, so their tiny green rainbows are more visible.

These are good bulbs to plant on a slope, so you can see them eye-to-eye, so to speak.


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