I Love Mayapple, aka Podophulum peltatum

May 2, 2020 | Love This!

Name:    Mayapple aka Podophyllum peltatum

Type of Plant:   Native wild flower that appears in spring but goes dormant in the summer.  Hardy from zones 3 to 8 and grows best in full to part shade. Prefers rich, organically amended soils. (In other words, it loves the leaves  that fall from the trees above it and enrich the soil from the top down. If growing this plant in the garden, mulch with chopped up leaves from your trees and make this plant feel right at home!)

Why I Love/Hate this plant:  I love this plant because the leaves are like little umbrellas, and this is especially appropriate because they are up in the spring and often coated with the drops from April showers. These plants have sweet white flowers but often those are hiding under the foliage.

A Word to the Wise:  The fruits of this plant are edible but the leaves, stems and roots are poisonous.  This plant is a good one to plant around Hosta and ferns because it’s out as those plants are just poking up, but goes dormant when they get larger.

The mayapple foliage pokes up in early spring.

This plant plays well with others. It’s a good one to combine with other shade lovers.

I love how the foliage looks like tiny umbrellas. This would be perfect for a “fairy garden” in the shade.

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  1. d brossy

    the apples are edible when allowed to ripen to yellow. can eat raw or make jelly/jam.


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