I Love Mountain Magic Tomatoes

Mar 24, 2023 | Love This!

Name:  Mountain Magic Hybrid Tomato

Type of Plant:  This F1 hybrid tomato is larger than a cherry but smaller than the typical sandwich slicer…but it is one of the tomatoes that I would never be without in my garden.

Why I Love This Plant: Let’s cut to the chase and start with reason #1: Early blight resistance. Of all the tomatoes we grow in our gardens every year, this is the one that is most likely to be producing tomatoes into October when all of the other varieties have fallen to the blight.

Yes, heirlooms have great tastes, but they produce fewer fruits and have no disease resistance. Yes, there are other good hybrids, but in the race to tomato production into the fall, Mountain Magic is in first, second and third place if I’m betting. The fruit is crack resistant, abundant, and is low in acid but high in sugars.

We use Mountain Magic to make gazpacho, slice on pizza, roast in the oven and freeze, and of course, eat fresh in salads all summer.

A Word to the Wise:  Like all tomatoes, be smart and plant this one once the soil is warm and night temperatures are above 50 degrees. Some garden centers sell this variety but if you want to be sure you have it every year, plan on growing Mountain Magic from seed. Also, don’t be sucked in by the many other tomatoes that have “Mountain” in their name. In my experience all of these don’t compare with the early blight resistance…the magic…that Mountain Magic has.


Looking for abundant harvests even in places where tomato plants fall to early blight? You need Mountain Magic!


See how clean the leaves are on this plant? When other tomatoes have yellow and spotted leaves from the bottom up, this plant has green, healthy foliage.

Slice Mountain Magic tomatoes onto pizza. Blend them in the food processor into gazpacho, or roast them in the oven and freeze them.

And of course Mountain Magic tomatoes are great in garden salads. The most flavorful, satisfying food on earth.  This salad has Mountain Magic tomatoes, diced garden zucchini and peppers, tofu and arugula…with store-bought hummus.



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