I Love Stokesia laevis aka Stoke’s Aster

Mar 25, 2022 | Gardens

Name: Stokesia laevis aka Stokes’ Aster 

Type of Plant:  A perennial native to the Southeast United States, hardy in Zones 5-9 and growing best in full sun.

Why I Love This Plant: Big, shaggy flowers in mid-summer. A perennial that doesn’t spread or self-seed, so it never becomes a thug or an unwanted volunteer. This plant flowers when the daylilies are in full bloom, and it’s shorter than the Hemerocallis, so dances well with them.

A Word to the Wise:  Look for the varieties that stay upright, such as Mel’s Blue or Peachie’s Pick. Plant Stokesia about 16” apart center to center, in group of 3 or 5 for the best show.

Some Stokesia are purple, others are blue, white or yellow.

These flowers are similar to asters, which is why their common name is Stoke’s aster. Bees and other insects love them.

Look for varieties that hold their flowers upright in the garden.

Since the blue or purple flowers on Stokesia look so good with daylilies, they are perfect for planting in front of any in the Hemerocallis group.


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