I Love Syringa vulgaris ‘Sensation’ aka Sensation Lilac

Apr 27, 2024 | Love This!

Name:   Syringa vulgaris ‘Sensation’ aka Sensation Lilac

Type of Plant:  This shrub is the old fashioned, large growing lilac, with big blooms and a delightful fragrance.

Why I Love this Plant: ‘Sensation’ is different from other lilacs in that the flowers are a violet purple that is edged in white. This shrub blooms in May, and the flowers are fragrant.

A Word to the Wise:  I have found the habit of this lilac to be more open, but I haven’t pruned it much so perhaps if I did that it would be a bit fuller. Even so, it’s a lovely plant and I kind of enjoy how I can see through the stems to the plants in back of the lilac. Like all lilacs, this one grows and flowers best in full sun. If your soil is acidic, spread lime or wood ashes annually around the plant beyond the dripline.

The white edge on these lilac flowers provide a bright touch that makes the flowers stand out.

After flowering, clip off the faded blooms and developing seeds.


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