I Love Phlebodium aureum aka Living Lace® Davana aka Blue Star Fern

Apr 19, 2024 | Love This!

Name:  Phlebodium aureum aka Living Lace® Davana aka Blue Star Fern

Type of Plant:  Houseplant for most people, although it might live outdoors in warm places such as Florida and Puerto Rico.

Why I Love this Plant:  A fern with ruffled edges and a bluish foliage color. Great in bright parts of the house but it doesn’t need direct sun. I love the texture of the leaves and the blue cast of the foliage – it looks great with other houseplants that are green, purple or golden.

A Word to the Wise:   This plant likes it wet. Don’t let this fern go dry between waterings. Have a large enough saucer under the pot so that you can water the plant well and let it soak up some of the excess that drains out. Get in the habit of feeling the soil every three or four days, and water when it starts to feel dry. As long as you have this in a bright place without strong sun, and keep it moist, you’ll be successful with this fern.

I got this fern from my local garden center, which stocks Proven Winner’s Plants.

I have had this fern in my kitchen for almost a year, and have found it easy to grow as long as it’s kept moist. It’s a perfect contrast to other colors and textures of foliage, such as the Rhipsalis that is growing to the left of the fern.

The soft bluish color and the ruffled edges of this fern make it a winner! It also likes a warm room, so grow this in places where it stays above 65° F.


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