Plants and Morning Coffee: Variegated Sea Hibiscus

Sep 2, 2018 | Gardens

It is often my habit to take my morning coffee outside in the morning and see what catches my eye. Today, it was Hibiscus tiliaceus variegata, aka Mahoe or variegated sea hibiscus, or seaside Mahoe.

Even from across the deck the Hibiscus tiliaceus variegata catches my eye.

This plant is worth growing as a container plant, bringing it inside in the winter, taking cuttings etc. See the one on my deck? That was a 12″ cutting with four leaves in May when I potted it up. It’s now three feet tall.

This hibiscus flowers when it’s growing in tropical areas, but not when grown elsewhere. But with these leaves, who needs flowers?

You can find this plant for sale from various on-line sources…search on Google and Amazon by the botanic name.



  1. Alistair Young

    That’s a beautiful hibiscus don’t think we can buy this in u.k.

    • CL Fornari

      You would have to buy from a tropical greenhouse. Many sell it as a summer container plant, and it can be over-wintered in the house.

  2. Pat

    How beautiful!! You stated this potted Mahoe is from a 12” cutting. Would you kindly share with me how to do that? I have one growing in my sunny front yard garden. Thanks in advance!!

    • CL Fornari

      Google “how to take cuttings” – many videos are online and will be more helpful than my string of words without pictures.


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