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Mar 3, 2010

Looking for a great speaker, either in person or virtually via Zoom? Read what those who have heard C.L.’s presentations have to say about her talks.

Recent Raves About my Virtual, Zoom Presentations 

Your program yesterday was truly sensational. Not only do you have deep knowledge of the art of gardening, you have a magnetic energy that made the content fun and entertaining. So many compliments and accolades go out to you…Our members adored it all. Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts, talents and radiance with our group.
Andrea D. Happy Valley Garden Club, California

“I want to thank you for a wonderful talk you gave to our Rowayton Gardeners yesterday. We received so many complimentary emails. Not only was your talk filled with useful tips and beautiful, multi-seasoned photos, but it was chock full of humor.
Best Wishes, Judy H.

“I want you to know that I received many emails about how great you and the meeting was and I thought you might enjoy this one from our president:  ‘C.L. just brought vegetable gardening to a new high in my book!  I listened to every word she said and her pictures were beautiful.  She spoke in a special and lively way!’ Thanks again, it was a wonderful morning.”
Gail S.  Charles River Valley Garden Club

“I, along with everyone else in the Garden Council, was thrilled with your talk.  It was so interesting while being delivered in a very amusing way.  Thank you so much. Happy new year!”
Sylvia S. Fort Myers FL Garden Council

“Thank you so much. You are just what we needed! Great ideas, well presented. I felt like we were in your cocktail garden together!  We must have you back when we can enjoy the real thing together.”
Regards, Martha T. The Falmouth Garden Club

“Thank you for the wonderful talk, The Cocktail Hour Garden. Your cute personality and funny comments were quite entertaining. The PGC members loved it!”
Cheers, Cathy H. The Piedmont Garden Club

“Thank you so much for doing such a phenomenal job with your lecture last week! You were so well-prepared, organized and fun to listen to! Your handout was extremely helpful for choosing annuals and your photographs of your gardens and others were so beautiful and inspiring.”
Sincerely,  Claire S.  Green Bay Tree Garden Club, West Hartford, CT

The membership of the Garden Club of York just loved your presentation.  You were the perfect start to our club season. Any number of club members mentioned how much they enjoyed your sense of humor.  And a few called me to say how much they learned from you.
Betsy S. Program Chairman for the Garden Club of York.

Kudos for C.L.’s In-Person Presentations

“Across the board, Master Gardeners loved our keynote speaker, C.L. Fornari. Comments included: “Keynote speaker was awesome!”  “Fornari ­ excellent”. “Fornari ­ Great!”.  I was especially impressed by C.L.’s interest in learning about our local soil, weeds and pest conditions in advance of her visit to Oklahoma . We would highly recommend C.L. for speaking engagements.  Her insight as a master gardener and her likeable nature made for a great fit at our conference.”
Merry Steinley Master Gardeners Association of Rogers County, Oklahoma

“C.L. has a clear and inspiring message, delivered with humor and wit.  Her presentation left our whole team charged up.  We’d gladly have her back!”
Claudia Marshall, Director of Good Works and PR for Gardener’s Supply Company, in response to a talk presented at the GSC annual shareholder’s meeting.

“I like to think of C.L. as my female alter-ego, except that she is smarter, funnier, and way better looking. I have been a professional gardener on Cape Cod for 20 years, and I still learn something new every time I open one of C.L.’s books. Her advice is always spot-on because she truly ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to gardening.”
Will Clarke, Perennial Solutions – Falmouth, MA

C.L. Fornari in the garden“C.L. is not only knowledgeable, but very down to earth. Her presentations are a joy! She presents
facts along with a dose of humor that makes them appealing to gardeners of all ages. Your group
is in store for a wonderful seminar when she presents in her own inimitable fashion.”

Stephanie Cohen, Lecturer, Garden Writer, author “The Perennial Gardener’s Design Primer”

“I guess you know that your talk yesterday for the Nauset Garden Club meeting was a HUGE success! We all loved it because: 1) Your delivery is flawless, 2) you are so knowledgeable, and 3) you have a great sense of humor! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us and for giving us so much useful information.”
Dinny Goodwin, Orleans, MA

C. L. shared her speaking expertise with aspiring and experienced Garden Writers Association members in a full day workshop. C. L. delivers valuable information in a relaxed, confidant style with humor and personal anecdotes. Her tips were invaluable in helping me polish my delivery, such that my most recent audience wants me for a return engagement. Wow!
Louise Clarke

I felt that C.L. was speaking directly to me during her seminar because she took the time to find out what we each wanted to glean from her presentation before we stepped foot in the door.  She was a delightful speaker filled with professionalism and knowledge. She had an upbeat, humorous manner of delivering her presentation and was able to answer audience questions about their own speaking insecurities with straightforward helpful answers. I left the seminar feeling empowered and I can’t wait to attend another one of her programs. Sandi Crabtree   Crabtree Gardens, LLC

C.L Fornari is the best garden club speaker that I have heard – and there have been many! Her talk delighted everyone in our club and many shared my view of it as being the best. CL is a gifted speaker who makes you laugh, ponder gardening on a spiritual level and fills the mind with really useful gardening information. The hour flew by! We will definitely have her back next year.
Sheila Steele, Amherst, NH

“I wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed your two lectures at Landscape Ontario. You were absolutely fantastic – engaging, informative, practical and with such a delightful sense of humour and slides/examples that really highlighted your points. I also have to say that it was a delight to listen to someone with so much passion about our industry and someone who speaks to this truly fantastic aspect of the business.”
Brian Beattie

“For the past six years the New Hampshire Master Gardeners Association has held an all day symposium for master gardeners and the public: twelve speakers and about 300 in attendance.  CL Fornari has been our top rated speaker.  As a result, she has been our keynote speaker the past two years.”
Leonard Bushnell, New Hampshire

“Our members are STILL talking about your appearance here in Springfield. We all enjoyed your talk so much!”
Pearl Edwards, Springfield, MA

C.L. Fornari presented her program, “Your Garden Shouldn’t Make You Crazy” at one of our monthly meetings. Her presentation skills, quick wit and knowledge of the world of horticulture mesmerized us all. She far exceeded the rest of the speakers we had that year. For any organization that wants a well-satisfied audience, Lexington Field and Garden Club would highly recommend C.L. Fornari.”
C. Nijenberg, Lexington Garden Club, Lexington, MA


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