I Love Sun Parasol Giant Peach Sunrise Mandevilla

Mar 29, 2024 | Love This!

Name:  SUN PARASOL® GIANT Peach Sunrise Mandevilla hybrid

Type of Plant: A tropical vine with large flowers.

Why I Love This Plant:  This tropical mandevilla vine features large flowers up to 5”  wide in shades of preach with white, and a golden orange throat. It’s a vigorous climber or trailing plant that can grow up to ten feet tall. Like other Mandevilla vines, Giant Peach Sunrise loves the heat and full sun.

A Word to the Wise:  Pinch smaller plants early in the season to encourage branching. Water in the morning without getting the foliage wet in order to discourage leaf-spot fungi.

This is one of the Mandevilla vines that has long stems. Grow this up a large obelisk, trellis or an archway. It would also be lovely scrambling in a and among a shrub in a full sun garden.

The flowers on this Mandevilla vine are up to 5 inches across.

The colors are a bit deeper than shown in this photo, since this plant was right from a greenhouse. The peach color intensifies when it’s grown in full sun.


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