A November Thank You Note

Nov 9, 2017 | Gardens

Dear Autumn Plants,
Our growing season celebration is winding down rapidly. Some of you quietly slipped out a couple of months ago without even so much as a backward glance. Others have continued having fun, but can’t help occasional yawns of yellowing leaves. I see a few of you have had such a great time, and have lingered so long, that your fine apparel is looking a bit frayed and torn. And of course I appreciate those partygoers who continue to make merry, ramping up the colorful final fling even as you shed pieces of your finery on the way out the door.

But before the last guest leaves I just wanted to write you this quick note of thanks. Thanks for once again coming to the party. Even if you got a bit loud, or celebrated so well that you became sick. Even if you brought a few uninvited, weedy guests with you. I’m even grateful for those party crashers who came so well dressed that I allowed them to stay.

Thanks for getting along with all the others and for putting up with the sometimes less-than-ideal environment. You didn’t let the odd cool nights or dry periods dampen your spirits and for that I’m grateful. You’re always so willing to party on, even when the refreshments aren’t quite plentiful enough. 

Once again I appreciate your willingness to make merry with me. We all had such a great time.

I hope you’ll show up again next year. Same time, same place, OK?

Have a good winter,


Some of the plants in the Fragrance/Bird garden slipped away quietly early in the summer or fall, but others seem to have cranked the music higher and continue to dance.

The Forever and Ever Red Hydrangea stayed so long, and had such a good time, that her party outfit has become tattered lace.

Normally the Sunpatiens leave the party well before November, but this year they have stayed to chat with the Peacock Kale and Snow Princess Lobularia.

Maybe the Ginkgo knows how to leave a party festively because he’s been to so many celebrations over the years. He departs with a shout, flinging his clothing over the dance floor and waltzing out naked.


  1. Julia Oliver


  2. Tricia

    Absolutely Beautiful! I’m sure you’ll have a grand ole party next year! You are a Great host! Don’t ever stop Enjoying Life! ❤☘

  3. Marcia MacInnis

    This lovely essay touches the heart of the gardener. Our plants truly are our dear friends. Thank you!


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