A Thank You Note To My Garden

Nov 23, 2018 | Gardens

As I finished my sermon for Sunday at the UU Church of Barnstable, I was reminded of this post I wrote on Whole Life Gardening a few years ago. It’s a long overdue thank you note.

Dear Gardens,

Yesterday I was reminded that sending you a note of appreciation is long overdue. Your presence in my life has been so constant and meaningful that it’s difficult to know where to start.

When I was a child you welcomed me completely. You let me pick your flowers, be embraced by the limbs of your trees, and offered me glimpses into a thousand natural wonders. By the way, I’m sorry I squashed your yew berries and then mixed in the ants that were attracted to them. I thought the ants were icky and killing them made me feel powerful; I was just a kid, and didn’t know better.

Through all of my life you’ve provided me with opportunities for discovery. I hope you know how important this is. To be able to be constantly learning is such a blessing: I’ve come to understand a deeper meaning in the term “unearthing” as knowledge grows from your ground up.

Thank you too for your continual generosity. First you encourage my creativity, and then you’re willing to do your best despite circumstances that are often far from ideal. Finally, when others admire your beauty, you’re willing to let me take the credit when we both know that the acclaim belongs to you.

I could go on about the ways you provide me with good exercise, connections to other people, delicious fresh food, subjects to write or speak about, and a place to meditate, because all of that is valued. These are gifts you continually provide. Running beneath and through all of those offerings are your healing forces that I don’t understand, yet continually benefit from. You always make me feel better.

All in all, the small amount of tending I give to you seems wildly out of proportion to what you provide to me. Although the words seem completely inadequate, know that it comes from my total heart and soul when I say thank you.


A picture is worth a thousand words so I don’t have to say much here except that this is the flower as it starts to open.

Every bud that opens is a miracle.

Dear Gardens,
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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