Annual Flowers For Shade: Browallia!

Mar 8, 2019 | Gardens, Love This!

Name: Browallia hybrid named Endless Illumination from Proven Winners

Type of Plant: Short annual for part to full shade.

Why I Love/Hate this plant: This is a purple-blue flowering annual for shade…unusual in itself. But I love it because it is reliable, long-flowering and it plays well with other plants in containers or in the garden.

A Word to the Wise: The Proven Winners plant experts advise people not to over-fertilize. This is an annual that does just fine with an early-summer dose of fertilizer and then holding off after that first application.

Browallia comes in a few colors and one of my favorites is Endless Illumination that is purple blue. Here I have it mixed with Diamond Frost Euphorbia in a part-sun garden.

I love this Browallia in containers as well. This box gest about four hours of early morning sun.

This Browallia plays well with others! Here it’s growing with a hardy wandering Jew and Endless Flirtation, a white-flowering form of the same annual.


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