Calamondin Citrus Margarita

Feb 22, 2018 | Gardens

Yes, January 22 is indeed National Margarita day. So I decided to put a houseplant citrus spin on this drink and create a margarita using the Calamondin citrus that many people grow as a houseplant. And keeping with the Garden Lady theme, I used elderflower liqueur instead of one of the traditional, orange-flavor alternatives. 

Note: this is a tart cocktail. If you like more of a tart-sweet combination, add 1 to 2 oz. of agave syrup to this recipe and shake well in a mason jar.

Ingredients for 2 Cocktails
Juice of 4 limes (should be between 3 and 4 oz. depending on how large and ripe the limes are. Did you know that the more yellow skin on your lime, the riper it is and the easier it will be to squeeze? Just so you know.) 
Calamondin citrus – between 5 and 10 total. Harvest what you’ve got. Slice one into thin pieces and put it in with the liquids, but squeeze all the rest through a sieve so that the seeds are removed.
4 oz Tequila – only use 100% blue agave tequila. 
2 oz Elderflower liqueur
Hawaiian pink salt for the rim

Rub one of the calamondin citrus you squeezed around the rims of your glasses. Press them into some pink salt on a plate right away and set aside.

Combine all liquids into a Mason jar and add the calamondin slices. Add 1 to 2 oz. agave syrup if you like a sweeter cocktail. Shake. 

If you like your Margaritas straight up, add ice to the jar, shake again and strain into a small pitcher or glass measuring cup. Pour into your prepared glasses.

If you like your Margaritas on ice, put cubes into your glasses and pour in your cocktail

Cheers! And Happy National Margarita Day.

Here are the ingredients I assembled for this drink. These are the last of my Calamondin citrus for this season. But they already have tiny fruit forming that will be ripe at the end of 2018 and early 2019. Just in time forNational Margarita day in 2019.

I love the way the Hawaiian pink salt repeats the color of the Calamondin peel. The visuals are SO important in a cocktail, don’t you think?


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