Fagus sylvatica ‘Riversii’ aka purple leaf beech, River’s purple European Beech, copper beech

Nov 20, 2020 | Gardens

Name:  Fagus sylvatica ‘Riversii’ aka purple leaf beech, River’s purple European beech, or copper beech

Type of Plant:  A very large, deciduous tree for those who have the space. Hardy in Zones 4-7, this tree grows to 40 or 50 feet tall and 20 to 30 feet wide.

Why I Love/Hate this plant: Is it odd to say that what I love most about this tree is how the emerging leaves look in the spring? Well, that’s the truth. Even if this tree offered nothing more, I’d love it for those magical leaves as the tree breaks dormancy.

A Word to the Wise: Did I mention that this was a very large tree? B-I-G. A tree to fill the average front yard and grow into the driveway and across the street. So plant it responsibly.

This tree h as most colorful foliage in the early spring and summer. But all year it has a wonderful presence.

Yes, it’s almost crazy but I would grow this tree for the three weeks when the leaves unfold. Amazing. Magical.

This photo shows why the plant is called copper beech. The leaves not only have a copper like color, but they also look metallic. But that is softened by the white frost-like frost that covers the edges.




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