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Nov 12, 2016 | Lifestuff

St. Lynn’s is the New St. Nick!   
Thoughtful gifts from St. Lynn’s Press for everyone on your list…

For Your Parents
It seems like they have everything, but do they have a cocktail hour garden? Help them see how their favorite evening beverage can be enhanced by the right surroundings.


The Cocktail Hour Garden: Creating Evening Landscapes for Relaxation and Entertaining

For Your BFF
When she was 12 she hung prisms in the windows so that her room was filled with rainbows. Now your BFF loves creating interior vignettes and a healthy, restorative environment.


Windowsill Art: Creating One-of-a-Kind Natural Arrangements to Celebrate the Seasons

For Your Outdoorsy Brother-in-law
He loves hiking, fishing and camping so he’s got the “hunter” thing down. Foraging is his next logical passion, so help him to add “Gatherer” to his repertoire.


The Scout’s Guide to Wild Edibles: Learn How To Forage, Prepare & Eat 40 Wild Foods

For Your Foodie Friends
They’re always on top of the latest trends in food and you love being asked to dinner. They’ll enjoy making meals even more fun and colorful with flowers.


Eat Your Roses: …Pansies, Lavender, and 49 Other Delicious Edible Flowers

For Your Pinterest-Obsessed Sister
She loves to be green and constantly pins pictures of perfection. You secretly think she just needs to relax a little already! Give her the hint in a format she’ll relate to.


The Herb Lover’s Spa Book: Create a Luxury Spa Experience at Home with Fragrant Herbs from Your Garden

For The Crafty Cousin
There aren’t many crafts she hasn’t tried…but growing her own dye plants? She’ll love cultivating an organic, garden-to-sweater experience.


A Garden to Dye For: How to Use Plants from the Garden to Create Natural Colors for Fabrics & Fibers

For Your “This is Art?” Brother
You’ve kidded him about his taste for years. Show him that you know he has style… he can have his wine and make garden art too.


Bottle Trees: …and the Whimsical Art of Garden Glass

For Your Locavore Aunt
She’s always been “the fun auntie,” who gave you art supplies and took you apple picking. She’ll enjoy a book that inspires and makes her smile.


Slow Flowers: Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets from the Garden, Meadow and Farm

For a First-time Homeowner
They’ve been so busy working on the inside they haven’t a clue on how to start on the their landscape. (Note: give this book with a shovel and a really good pair of pruners.)


Yards: Turn Any Outdoor Space into the Garden of Your Dreams

For Your Off-Color Uncle
He tends to tell jokes that are just a tad inappropriate in mixed company. Meet him on his own turf, and watch him be the one who blushes.


Plants With Benefits: An Uninhibited Guide to the Aphrodisiac Herbs, Fruits, Flowers & Veggies in Your Garden

For Your Back-to-the-Land Children
You can’t understand why they want to bother with growing their own food when there’s a well-stocked supermarket just down the street. But nevertheless, you want them to know you support their choices…


Duck Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Ducks…Naturally

For the Oh-So-Opinionated Sibling
They always have a better idea about how you should be tending your yard and garden. Wake them up with this book that dispels 70 commonly held garden myths.


Coffee for Roses: …and 70 Other Misleading Myths About Backyard Gardening

For your Downsizing Grandmother
She’s moving to a smaller place and keeps emailing you photos of the excess furniture and linens she’d love you to take. But she’s planning on keeping her shovels and trowels, because there is a small yard where she can plant flowers.


The Right-Size Flower Garden: Simplify Your Outdoor Space with Smart Design Solutions and Plant Choices

For Your Friend The Surviver
It’s been a hellish year, but now everyone is focused on healing. Bring the cancer-surviver into the garden to cultivate more joy and hope.


The Cancer Survivor’s Garden Companion: Cultivating Hope, Healing and Joy in the Ground Beneath Your Feet

St. Lynn’s is indeed the New St. Nick…and you don’t have to put out milk and cookies.



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