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Oct 16, 2017 | Gardens, Love This!

Need reading material for a rainy or winter day? Want large amounts of inspiration and plant information? Have I got a blog for you…well, several of them, actually.

I recently posted on the GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators Facebook page asking fellow GWA members to post their blog URLs. All I can say is WOW.  There are enough blogs here to keep you in reading material for days, and the authors of these websites come to their subjects with a variety of different viewpoints.

Note that the set of clickable links will be below each photo – the links on the picture aren’t clickable since it’s a screenshot. Sorry for any confusion.

These blogs all come at the subject of plants, landscaping, and gardening from different angles. You’ll find regional information, personal experiences, single-subject focuses, op ed pieces, and more. Learn about garden design, new plants and products, foraging and flowers. 

And if you’re a Google Spider, please don’t punish me for including so many links here. This isn’t a link bait post but a demonstration of the true blogging power of GWA members!  Are you a garden blogger? If so, you belong with us in GWA!

Here they are, in no particular order, an assortment of blogs written by garden communicators and passionate plant people.



Garden Delights by Julie Thompson Adolf

Savvy Gardening by Tara Nolan

Art of Gardening by Jim Charlier

The Deep Middle by Benjamin Vogt

The Impatient Gardener by Erin Schanen


Hoosier Gardener by Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp

Hobby Farms by Jessica Walliser

Miss Smarty Pants by Keri Byrum 

Garden Rant by Susan Harris et al

Hidden Hills Garden by Peggy Hill

Healthy Gardens. Healthy Lives. Urban Farming by Jenny Nybro Peterson

Backyard Forager by Ellen Zachos

Caleb Melchior’s Journal by Caleb Melchior

The Houseplant Guru by Lisa Eldred Steinkoph 

Valley View Farms by Carrie Engel

DeerResistant Designs by Helen Newling Lawson

The World’s Best Gardening Blog by Amy Campion

Plant Addicts by Chris Link


May Dreams Garden by Carol Michel

The Freckled Rose by Angie Lituri 

Clay and Limestone by Gail Eichelberger

The Washington Gardener and Cats In the Garden by Kathy Jentz 

PegPlant by Peggy Riccio 

Lois de Vries’ Garden Views by Lois de Vries

Revolutionary Gardens by David Marciniak

Herb Lover’s Garden by Sue Goetz

DC Tropics by John Boggan

Making A Difference Every Day by Shauna Coronado

Plant Postings by Beth Stetenfeld

The Garden Buzz by Rhonda Fleming Hayes

Gardens Eye View by Donna Abel Donabella

Anelle’s Gardening by Anelle Ammons

Tilly’s Nest by Melissa Caughey

Creating Gardens for Life by Andrea Whitely

The Garden Lady’s Blog by C.L. Fornari

Western Gardeners – tips and tools for gardening in the west by Jodi Torpey

The Garden Post by Barbara Segall

Digging by Pam Penick

Simply Cultivating by Janet Hommel Mangas

Cottage In The Court by Teresa Speight

Sharing Nature’s Garden by Diana Kirby

The Gardener’s Workshop by Lisa Mason Ziegler

Gardenerd by Christy Wilhelmi

Earth Friendly Landscapes by Rama Nayeri

Covering Ground by Kathleen Groll Connolly 

The New Perennialist by Tony Spencer

Ramblings from a Desert Garden by Noelle Johnson

A Growing Passion by Nan Sterman

Plant Some Joy! by Martha Swiss

Three Oaks Garden by Kelly Norris

From The Driveway by Craig LeHoullier

Empress of Dirt by Melissa J. Will

Cold Climate Gardening by Kathy Purdy

Savor the Southwest and Gardening With Soule by Jacqueline Soule

Rooting For You by Mary-Kate Mackey 

The Paintbox Garden by Janet Davis

Gardens of the Wild Wild West by Mary Ann Newcomer

Garden Foreplay by Katherine Tracey

Frau Zinnie by Jen McGuinness

Hobson’s Garden and Green Trips by David Hobson (clearly this group’s overachiever)

Home, Garden and Homestead by Randy Schultz

The Journal – Plantsmap by Tracy Blevins 

Organic Gardening for Body & Spirit by Tova Roseman

Almost Heaven Farm by Patty Hanus Brooking

Red Dirt Ramblings by Dee Nash

That Gardenin Guy by Timothy R. Burress

Toronto Gardens by Helen Battersby

Central Texas Gardener by Linda Lehmusvirta

National Seed Swap Day by Kathy Jentz

Experimental Homesteader by Sheri AnnWilder Richerson 

Gardening the Hudson Valley by Marie Lannotti 

I have to admit that it took some time to post all of these names and links. But it was worth it. Making the effort to click on each link and look at each blog made me realize how incredibly diverse and detailed all these blogs are. I was able to appreciate the wide scope of interests and focus that each blogger brings to their work. This is pretty amazing considering that most of these writers are not paid for their blogging nor do they earn substantial income from advertising, book sales etc. These are garden communicators who are truly “sharing the wealth” of their knowledge and passions. I lift my glass to them with appreciation. 




  1. Kathryn Wadsworth

    Fantastic! So helpful to see what everyone is doing. Thank you!

  2. Lois de Vries

    Thanks so much for this post C.L. ! Not just for the promo, but now I also know where I can find everything in one place.

    • CL Fornari

      As more GWA people add their blogs to the list I’ll add them here.

  3. Melissa Will

    What a fabulous resource to have! Thank you for all this work.

  4. Peggy Riccio

    Thank you for doing this, I was able to access and amplify via twitter and facebook!

  5. Pam/Digging

    Thanks for posting all these, CL! Lots of good reading here.

  6. Helen Battersby

    Thanks, CL — it’s not only amazing that there are so many great blogs, but that I realize I know so many great bloggers. What a community we have!

    • CL Fornari

      It’s true that there are so many – and these are just the ones that people responded to my FB post about on the GWA page! I especially enjoyed how diverse these are, and how many niches our members fill.


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