I Love Cordyline fruticose Cultivars aka Ti Plant:

Apr 12, 2024 | Love This!

Name:   Cordyline fruticose cultivars aka Ti Plant:

Type of Plant: Tropical plant that is evergreen where it’s hardy, with multi-colored leaves. Many varieties flower as well.

Why I Love this Plant  Large, colorful leaves…what’s not to love? Ti plant does well in part-shade outside or when grown as a houseplant indoors in a very bright location or a sunroom/greenhouse.   

A Word to the Wise: If you buy this now, while the spring weather is still cold, don’t put it outside until the temperatures are reliably above 50 degrees at night. Combine this with plants with finer foliage, such as the large ferns, or plants with green leaves and flowers, such as the shorter Mandevilla vines.

Imagine these in blue pots on your deck or patio!

Ti plants are great as the “triller” in the center of large containers. Combine with the shorter Mandevillas, (aka dipladenia), asparagus fern or cascading Snow Princess Lobularia.

Place a ti plant with potted hydrangeas under a shady arbor…


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