I Love Corydalis lutea – aka Yellow Corydalis

Mar 26, 2021 | Love This!

Name: Corydalis lutea – aka Yellow Corydalis

Type of Plant: A short-lived perennial with soft, ferny foliage and bright yellow flowers that bloom for most of the summer. Hardy in Zone 5 to 7.

Why I Love/Hate this plant: Yes, it’s short lived, but it’s worth growing! This plant self-seeds and will grow in gravel, cracks in rock walls, or in ordinary garden soil. It thrives in part-sun to full shade where the summers aren’t too hot.

Since the foliage is fine in texture, Corydalis lutea is a perfect contrast to large-leaf Hosta or even Epimedium.

A Word to the Wise: If you like plants that self-sow and travel around a garden, this plant is for you. Get seeds and start a few plants in pots this spring. Once you plant these out, they will gently spread on their own.

This photo shows the fern-like foliage and the bright yellow flowers. I took this in June, and this plant was growing in the gravel around the North side of my shed.

I have this Corydalis lutea growing under the thornless blackberries on the western side of a shed. I planted one here and it’s seeded and spread.

Since the foliage is fine and a pale bluish-green, it’s the perfect perennial for under and around plants with large leaves, dark green foliage or grass-like textures.


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