I Love Euphorbia Diamond Mountain

Sep 1, 2018 | Love This!

Imagine: She wondered why all the plants in the garden center seemed to be getting shorter every year. Annuals that used to grow three or four feet tall were now only available in varieties that were under one foot. Dwarfs. Everywhere. Even Diamond Frost was shrunk into a disappointing underachiever, Diamond Delight. It was dispiriting and limiting creatively.
But then she discovered Euphorbia Diamond Mountain. What a relief! Proven Winners was moving UP!

Name: Euphorbia hybrid USPPAF, Can PBRAF trademark name: Euphorbia Diamond Mountain

Type of Plant: For many years we’ve loved Diamond Frost Euphorbia. My friend Andy Aiken used to call it his “secret ingredient” in any mixed annual container. It is a plant that unites combinations. A good pant in pots or in the garden. But now we have a larger, more bodacious option: Diamond Mountain.

Why I Love/Hate this plant: Use this in a large container or to unify other plants in flowerbeds. I can see it in front of purple foliaged plants such as the annual Hibiscus acetosella. I can imagine how great this would be under-planted around Dahlias or Mexican Sunflowers. It’s a lovely, fine texture that will weave among and soften larger, bolder flowers and foliage.

This Euphorbia grows between 24 and 36 inches tall and wide. You’ll see larger growth in the ground or in very large pots. Plant in full sun. This is a drought and heat tolerant plant.

A Word to the Wise: Euphorbias don’t like the cold so don’t plant this too early in the spring. Like most annuals, this plant does well with regular applications of fertilizer through the growing season, or by planting with an equal mix of a time-release synthetic fertilizer and an organic, granular product.

I love this plant and I love the fact that a larger variety is being released. Let the creativity begin.

Dark foliage with small white flowers… it’s like the lacy, white lingerie that makes you smile every time you open your underwear drawer. Practical, yes, but with just enough fancy…


I used Diamond Mountain with several other Proven Winners in my large front porch boxes this year. This is one Diamond Mountain Euphorbia with Salvia Rockin’ Playin’ the Blues, Cuphea Vermillionaire, and Impatiens Sunpatiens® Variegated Spreading Salmon.


I like to raise these boxes up on wire baskets to better show them off. I can just imagine how great the Diamond Mountain Euphorbia would be with Vertigo®, the giant Purple Fountain Grass, or with any annual or perennial with large, bold foliage or flowers.


  1. Marcia C

    Will be great to hide ugly ankles!

  2. Vladimir Martinovic

    Hello,can you tell me full id of your Euphorbia Milii ?

    • CL Fornari

      It is just a variegated Euphorbia milii – I don’t know the specific cultivar name.


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