I Love Gladiolus aka gladiola

Jul 30, 2022 | Love This!

Name: Gladiolus aka gladiola

Type of Plant:  Flowering stalk that grows from a corm. Grown as an annual in colder climates but may winter-over in Zone 7-10.   

Why I Love This Plant: When these flowers come into bloom it’s like having stems of orchids growing in your garden. I grew them this year in my cutting garden, but they can also be planted in and among perennials or even in the vegetable garden.

A Word to the Wise:  Grow “glads” in full sun, and provide some support for the heavy flowers.  If you live in Zone 6 or below, plan on digging the corms and saving them from year to year. In warmer areas, plant Gladiolus corms three to four inches deep and they may make it through the winter.

A big bouquet of Gladiola stems is a mid-summer treat. There is something wonderful about having seasonal, garden-grown flowers in the house.


Provide some support for these heavy stalks as they come into bloom. They are good for planting along wire fencing that is used to support tomatoes or peas.

I also love displaying these flowers above the kitchen sink.



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