I Love Marble Queen Pothos

Feb 26, 2016 | Love This!

Name:  In part of the world this plant is called Scindapsus aureus. In North America it’s either Epipremnum pinnatum or Epipremnum aureus. Most of us just call it pothos. Or golden pothos, taro vine or silver vine. No matter what you call it, this is an easy to grow houseplant and I love the variegated variety called ‘Marble Queen’.

Type of Plant:  This plant is very easy to grow which is why you often see them in offices, dish gardens and cascading down from tall shelves and furniture. This plant is native to French Polynesia and has escaped into the wild in many tropical regions…in fact, it’s so impossible to kill that it’s invasive in Hawaii and other warm climates. But their problem plant is our problem solver.

Why I love This:  I love Marble Queen because it looks like it’s been brushed by white paint. Grow this in moderate to bright light…an eastern or western window is fine. It also thrives in offices that have fluorescent light.

A Word to the Wise:  This is one of the houseplants that is listed as being toxic to dogs and cats, so if you have a pet that is prone to eating your indoor greenery, give your pothos to a friend.

Keep your pothos trimmed so that it doesn’t become so long that it trips people, obscures exits or covers furniture. You can train it up a bark-stick or trellis, but it’s also easy to pinch the ends frequently. Any pieces you cut off can easily be rooted in a vase of water and turned into new plants.

This pothos is not only easy to grow but contrasts nicely with your other plants.

This pothos is not only easy to grow but contrasts nicely with your other plants.

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  1. Tanya Campos-Gracia

    It is my favorite of ALL! I love pothos, but this one is my it ♥️


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