I Love Pinus parviflora Glauca aka Japanese White Pine

Nov 12, 2021 | Love This!

Name:  Pinus parviflora Glauca aka Japanese white pine

Type of Plant:  The Glauca group of Japanese white pines are conifers with an open habit, and bluish curving needles. Hardy in Zones 5-7, these slow growing conifers do best in full sun and well-drained soil.

Why I Love This Plant: I love the fact that these trees have interesting, irregular shapes. I love that they aren’t dense, so you can see the plants and landscape features behind them. I love the cones on this tree, which are there and add interest for a long time. And I love the fact that being a fairly slow-growing evergreen, you can enjoy this plant for years in a smaller landscape.

A Word to the Wise:  This is a plant well suited for Cape Cod in that we have sandy, well-drained soils and cooler summers.

This is the Japanese white pine that I’ve had on my property for ten years. See how open it is? Notice the small size (about seven feet tall) and the bluish needles? That’s why I love this conifer!

The branches on this Japanese white pine are irregular, so this is the perfect plant for those who love unusual and quirky.

The cones are especially spectacular.


This would be a great evergreen tree to plant in a container for the holidays. It’s got a “Charlie Brown Tree” kind of vibe that would look great with a string of tiny white lights wound through it. After winter is over, plant this white pine in your landscape for many years of future enjoyment.


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