I Love Veronica spicata Royal Candles aka Royal Candles speedwell

Jun 18, 2021 | Love This!

Name: Veronica spicata Royal Candles aka Royal Candles speedwell

Type of Plant: A perennial that’s hardy in zones 4 to 8, that flowers in early summer and beyond if deadheaded.

Why I Love/Hate this plant:  I have to confess that Royal Candles has given me an entirely new appreciation of Veronica. Years ago, I grew some from seed and they flopped over and didn’t re-bloom, even when deadheaded. So I wasn’t a fan. But this variety, sent to me last year from Darwin Perennials, has changed my mind about what is often commonly called speedwell.

I love the color, and the short, upright growth. In my garden the flowers grow to about 16” high. I love that it blooms heavily in June and will produce some flowers later in the summer if I deadhead the first blooms promptly. I also am happy that the bunnies and deer don’t bother this plant.

A Word to the Wise:  Grow Veronica Royal Candles in full sun and well-drained soil. Do not place this in poorly drained areas or where irrigation will be hitting the plant on a daily basis. 

The registered name of this speedwell is Veronica spicata ‘Glory’ PP18,932

Royal Candles Veronica spikes of rich purple flowers in early summer. Use hedge trimmers to chop the first flowers back after the blooms fade. Fertilize after deadheading to prompt more flowers.

This is a great perennial for the front of a border, or for rock gardens and slopes. It combines will with wooly thyme or low sedums in front of this plant, Dianthus alongside, and lady’s mantle or Penstemon behind.

This short Veronica is upright and intensely purple.


  1. Fran Carreiro

    I am on the lookout for these gorgeous Veronica Royal Candles. I am here in Tiverton, R.I. and I am a traveling gardener in hopes of finding a new, beautiful perennial to add to my collection. A recommendation where to find this plant would be appreciated. I did discover a Geum ‘Mrs. Bradshaw’ this week. This crimson beauty is a show stopper! I was so happy to bring this old-fashion perennial to one of my gardens. What are your thoughts or experience with this plant?

    • CL Fornari

      I don’t know where you can find this plant right now – call around to local garden centers…

      • Kenj

        My dog keeps peeing on my veronica plants I cut them down will they come back next year.

        • CL Fornari

          If your dog keeps peeing on them, it’s likely to kill them. Put up a barrier so that your dog has to develop a new habit.

      • ot. The grower is Smith Gardens Inc in Bellingham Washingtonwers Inc in Bellingham, Washington m

        Smith Gardens Nursery Bellingham, Washington


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