I Love Weigela florida ‘Variegata’

Apr 14, 2018 | Love This!

Name: Weigela florida ‘Variegata’ aka the variegated weigela.

Type of Plant: Weigelas are easy to grow, low maintenance shrubs for full sun. Note that the “florida” part of it’s botanical name isn’t referring to the state, but to the number of flowers that the shrub has when in bloom.

Why I love this plant: I love the variegated Weigela because you get two for one – beautiful flowers in early summer and two-toned foliage all season. There are several cultivars of variegated Weigela that grow various sizes. If you need a short one, look for “Nana.’ But my favorite is the straight variegata that grows to about 6 or 7 feet high and five feet wide.

This is the perfect plant to include in a mixed shrub border and lower privacy screen, or to plant along a fence. Mix with other plants such as LimeLight hydrangeas, Rose of Sharon, and Physocarpus ‘Summer Wine and you’ll have a variety of foliage colors and textures as well as flowers all summer.

A Word to the Wise: Don’t plant the taller ones where you’ll be fighting their growth, and never shear this plant into a green meatball or coffee-table! Weigelas look best when allowed to grow a bit wild and natural in shape. This isn’t a good shrub to try and “keep under control.”

Weigela blooms at the same time as some Rhododendrons. Use this plant in a mixed-shrub border.

And one more thing to love about this plant: Hummingbirds are drawn to it just as we are.

You can see the natural shape that Weigelas have – a bit asymmetrical and loose. Let it be that way.


  1. Kathleen W.

    Your Weigela is gorgeous! I hope mine get to look that nice. I have 2 Florida. One of them died which I replaced but the other one literally came back from the dead & is thriving.

  2. Chris Riha

    Some little critter not sure if it’s a bunny or squirrel is chewing off the branches. What is recommended to use to help stop them. We would prefer something natural. Thank you.

    • CL Fornari

      If the plant is small enough for a bunny to be eating branches, use a chicken wire cage around it for protection. If it’s tall, it might be a deer. Again, a fence is all natural and will prompt the animal to get into new habits for where they eat. You can also make a homemade, all natural repellant that works for bunnies and deer. Recipe here: https://gardenlady.com/homemade-rabbit-repellent/

      Squirrels are repelled by ground hot pepper, but they usually don’t bite off branches so I doubt that this is what is doing the damage.

  3. Matt Maldre

    I like how you are supposed to keep the Weigela florida ‘Variegata’ wild and asymetrical.

  4. Russ T

    I’ll take your advice about not trying to grow and prune it smaller. I’ll look for Nana, thank you


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