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I’ll admit it up front: I’m a plant pusher. As a speaker, writer, radio host and garden consultant, I want to get people hooked on plants, gardens and nature. My aim is for you to enjoy fresh vegetables, flowers and herbs grown on your property. I want to help you discover beautiful shrubs and trees, or persuade you that your house or apartment needs a few pots of indoor greenery.

I can assist you in designing a cocktail hour garden or choosing fire pit plantings. Would you like to relax in a backyard retreat, entertain under a lush green arbor, or pick flowers for co-workers before leaving for the job? Or perhaps you work remotely and want a garden to surround your outdoor office. Whether I’m doing a remote design consultation, answering your questions on the radio, or giving you suggestions in one of my books, I want you to find really great plants and be connected to the natural world.

If you’re a fellow plant pusher, know that it’s my pleasure to be your co-conspirator. I love assisting landscape professionals to grow their businesses by pleasing their clients. And since speaking is my passion, I’m happy to coach others in the green industry who present to audiences. 

Let’s grow something together. How can I help you? How can we work together to cultivate a greener world?

Keep in touch and continue growing.


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