Love Plants and Gardens? Want to Write, Speak, or Podcast About It?

Jul 27, 2020 | Gardens

Sometime ago I put up the graphic posted below, about how I came to be a garden communicator. Although I’ve always loved plants and gardens, it wasn’t my intention of being a professional in that area until we moved to Cape Cod in 1993. It was in that transition to a new place that I was prompted to change focus in my work life as well.

It occurred to me to day that many of you might be in a transitional mode because of the pandemic. And should this period of change and adaptation lure you back to your garden and to the urge to write, speak, or podcast about this – or should you want to delve into better plant photography – there are resources to help. First, be sure to join GardenComm.  Next, register for their virtual conference in August.  Finally, take advantage of their virtual classes, Facebook group, new member meetings, and Power Circles. 

Opportunities abound, even in a pandemic. Times of change can be used to our advantage…I know, because it happened to me.

If you’ve got questions about being a garden communicator or the GardenComm organization, contact me. 


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