Garden Sushi With Flower Power

Jul 28, 2020 | Food

One of the gifts that the pandemic brought to my house is the return to making our own sushi rolls. In the early months of not shopping much I found nori wrappers, pickled ginger and a tube of wasabi in our pantry, and knew we had avocados and cucumbers in the refrigerator. Score!  Now, homemade sushi is on our table at least twice a month, and in the time when the garden is filled with vegetables in abundance, this is a wonderful time for making tasty rolls with flower power.  

I any or all of the following garden vegetables in our rolls:  barely cooked green beans, steamed sugar snap peas, mustard greens, arugula, Sungold cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, calendula petals, and nasturtium flowers and foliage.  

You need nori wrappers, freshly cooked sushi rice, tamari or soy sauce, and the vegetables of your choice. Any cooked veggies should be barely done. Sometimes we add cooked shrimp or tofu to our rolls. We serve them with pickled ginger and season the tamari with wasabi.

Here’s how some finished rolls look.

Begin by putting a layer of rice on one end. Find a recipe for the rice online – it is made with sushi rice and seasoned rice vinegar.

Pile the vegetables and flowers on top of the rice.

Roll the ingredients into the wrapper, tucking them back as you use the bamboo mat to assist in keeping it compressed and even.

Moisten the end of the wrapper with tamari before you roll so that once it’s done the nori will stick to itself. Put the roll onto a cutting board and slice into pieces.

Sungold cherry tomatoes were great in garden sushi. Cut them in half or in quarters or they’ll roll out of the rolls!


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