Why I Hate World Naked Gardening Day

May 6, 2024 | Lifestuff

Yes, indeed, I hate it. “Just ignore it!” my husband said, “Don’t give it any attention.”  I responded that for several years that has been my approach, but enough is enough. Here are the reasons I dislike this false holiday.

  1. This serves no plant lover or gardener in any positive way. No one learns anything about plants or gardening from this so-called “world day.,.”
  2. This is only an internet meme. Again, there is nothing that anyone gains from this other than feeling like they are posting something clever or funny. Note to all: you are not posting something clever or funny, since this has been around for years and anyone on social media has seen it all before. It’s a totally tired meme.
  3. No gardener benefits from being naked in their landscape. Bugs. Briers. Poison Ivy….to name just three common hazards of exposing bare skin to the natural world. 
  4. Have you noticed that most of the memes posted have illustrations of women, not men? This is not only a stupid annual day, but a sexist one as well. Another exploitation of the female body. (And no, I’m not exploiting another female in my photo here. It’s me. A younger me. Back off and don’t judge.)
  5. Really? You’re wasting your time posting about World Naked Gardening Day when you could actually be outside, planting something fragrant, edible, beautiful or wildlife-supporting? 
  6. Clearly, I’m feeling cranky today. World Cranky Gardening Day, anyone?                                                                                                               


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