Love Silver Moon Hyacinth Vine

Aug 28, 2020 | Gardens

Name: Dolichos lablab ‘Silver Moon’ aka Lablab purpureus ‘Silver Moon’

Type of Plant:  A fast growing annual vine that you can grow from seed.

Why I Love/Hate this plant:   If you need an annual vine to fill a trellis or other structure quickly, have I got a plant for you! This twining vine has flowers that look similar to sweet peas, and their clean, white color shows nicely against the green foliage. This is the perfect vine for a cocktail hour or moon garden. It’s full enough to provide privacy on a deck or balcony, but not so heavy that it won’t play well with others. Grow this in a large box along with a Mandevilla vine, for example.

A Word to the Wise:   This plant does well in the heat. In fact, you’ll be better off if you don’t plant it outside while the weather is cool. I started my seeds indoors in early May and put the plants in a large box on the deck in early June. They started to really take off once the nights got warmer.

These vines can easily grow 12 feet tall or more by late-summer, so place them accordingly.

I got my seeds for this lovely annual vine from Burpee.

I grew three of these in a box along with a pink Mandevilla vine, white Impatiens and blue Browallia. This trellis gets about 4 hours of morning sun.

I got my Silver Moon Hyacinth vine seeds from Burpee. They were easy to grow and once it got warm the vines shot up my trellis and are now climbing onto the second story balcony. 


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