What’s In Bloom, August 22, Sandwich, MA

Aug 23, 2020 | Gardens

Yesterday I spent about an hour touring our property and taking a photo of every plant that was in bloom. Okay, not every plant, and not every flower. I took one two photos of Hydrangea paniculata flowers, for example, but did not take pictures of all of the varieties I have in this species. Similarly, I didn’t shoot every type of rose or dahlia, nor all of the colors of zinnias. I did, however, take a picture of every weed that was in flower, and was a bit sad that some of my favorites, such as the jewelweed and goldenrod, weren’t blooming yet. Oh well…there will always be more flowers to open for such a hunt on another day.

After deciding to crop the photos square and put them together, I ended up running out of room. The photos below, and about a dozen others, didn’t make it onto my final image. Still, I have the file of 120 flower photos, a record of what was in bloom on that Saturday in August.


Epilobium canum

Heuchera ‘Southern Comfort’

Phlox ‘Jeana’

Superbena blue Verbena

An unnamed Amaranthus




  1. Frederique Poulain

    Bonjour CL, beautiful blog!
    This is Frederique and I opened a boutique full of my hydrangeas designs.i am wondering if I could advertise somewhat for 5he festival, and also find a creative way to donate a percentage of my sales to the hydrangeas society, like I did when I showed at your garden, but from my store…. Hope I make sense… thank you CL, bon Sunday!
    Frederique Poulain

    • CL Fornari

      Nice to hear from you, Frederique. It’s a bit late to join the festival and get a listing on their promotional materials, but you could contact Greta at the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and ask her. If you wanted to have a display in my garden again, with the same arrangement as before, you could do that either on Sunday the 11th or Friday the 16th. We’re just getting regrouped this year and I hope that next year we’ll have businesses play a larger role.


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